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A septic system is an onsite wastewater treatment system. Septic systems are used when a property creating A septic  system is an onsite wastewater treatment system.


Brandster Services provides collection, transport and treatment services for septic, sullage, J100, J120 and N140 classified waste to a wide range of clients.


Brandster Services owns and operates a fully NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensed and approved liquid waste treatment facility in St Marys, NSW.

A new venture, a new truck.

Brandster Services would like to introduce to you our new Capellotto Cap Combi 3200 CL 8×4.
Specialising in:

  • Stormwater drain cleaning
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • High pressure water flushing
  • Open drain cleaning
  • Confined space works



Brandster Services is an Australian owned and operated liquid waste management company that has provided reliable, friendly and great value pump out, treatment and disposal services to the domestic, commercial/industrial and government sectors for over 50 years.

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