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Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic Services

How often should a septic tank be pumped out?

Pump out frequency will vary depending on the size of the tank and the number of persons using the system.  As an average guide we suggest a standard domestic tank should be pumped out every 3-4 years.

How can I tell if my septic tank needs pumping out?

You can check the level of your tank through the inspection port located on the lid of the tank. When looking into the inspection port, if the inlet pipe has paper and waste in it then the tank sludge level is too high and needs pumping out.

The inlet pipe should be free and you should be able to see waste water only in the pipe itself.  Indications of an overloaded system may be a slowing of waste removal in the bowl after flushing, a gurgling sound from the plumbing upon emptying of utilities, or a sewage odour coming from the floor waste drains.

What information will I need when booking a pump out?

What type of system you have (e.g. single or dual/multi-tank treatment system); if it is a treatment system (e.g. BioCycle, Envirocycle etc.), how many tanks are to be pumped out; and accessibility to tank (how close we can get a truck to the tank and how level the ground is).

How much notice will you need to give?

Preferably 2-3 days notice.

What areas do we service?

Sydney Metropolitan Area and surrounding regions including the Blue Mountains (to Mount Victoria), Camden, Picton, Royal National Park (to Stanwell Tops), Palm Beach and the Hawkesbury.

How long does it take to pump out a septic tank?

We allow for up to an hour onsite. Variables that could cause the service to take longer include access to tank, condition of tank, size of tank etc.

I have a treatment system, is it necessary for my service technician to be present for the pump out?
Yes. We only pump out the system. A technician is required to turn off the aerators and pumps for the service, and to restore the system to fully operational after the pump out.
Do I need to be onsite for the pump out?

Not necessarily. Provided the tank is easy to locate and access (i.e. detailed directions given, gates left unlocked, animals secured etc.), and you have arranged a payment method prior, it is not essential that you are present for the pump out.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We offer several convenient methods of payment including cash, cheque, EFT and credit card payments.

Will my waste be treated and disposed of in a lawful and environmentally responsible manner?

Yes. Brandster Services owns and operates a fully EPA licensed and approved treatment facility, servicing our own business along with many other industry operators. It is vital to the health of our environment, and more specifically our water system, that waste be treated and disposed of correctly and lawfully. You can view Brandster Services’ license details here. If in doubt of a company’s licensing and reputation you can perform an EPA License and Notice history search on the EPA website.

Commercial Services

Can I negotiate rates for a major or ongoing project?

Yes. Brandster Services is happy to arrange specialised terms for major/ongoing projects. Please send an enquiry through online or contact our friendly staff on 02 9623 1177.

How do I know if my liquid waste needs to be ‘tracked’?

Whether or not a waste product needs to be tracked is dependent on its contaminants and is subject to EPA Waste Code classification. Please Note: It is the responsibility of the producer/generator to classify their waste to the transporter and treatment facility, and provide notice of all contaminants or possible hazardous substances contained in it.

How do I organise the collection and transport of J100, J120 or N140 waste?

Once you have classified your waste product (Brandster Services can also guide and assist you with this), contact Brandster Services (licensed transporter) to arrange registration of your waste with the EPA and our licensed receiving facility. We will supply the Transport Certificate required.

Do you provide an emergency service?

Yes, Brandster Services offers a 24 hour emergency service. Please call 02 9623 1177.

Can I set up an account with Brandster Services?

Brandster Services offers accounts to proven reliable businesses. The agreed terms of such an account must be adhered to or account privileges may be forfeited.

Treatment Facilities

I am a liquid waste transporter, can I use your facilities?

Yes. Please contact us to make arrangements; and for application, registration and issue of a Transport Certificate if you require treatment of J100, J120 or N140 waste.


What are your treatment facility operating hours?

Typically the operating hours are: Monday-Friday: 6am – 5pm; Saturday: 7am – Midday. Facility may be accessed outside of normal operating hours upon request.

How can I be sure that you treat and dispose of my liquid waste legally?

Brandster Services values and is committed to the protection of our environment. Frequent interaction and constant cooperation with the EPA ensures all services and treatment processes are carried out within regulatory guidelines and in an environmentally responsible manner. You can view Brandster Services’ licence details here. If in doubt of a company’s licensing and reputation you can perform an EPA License and Notice history search on the EPA website.

If you have any further questions, please contact us online or speak with one of our friendly team on 02 9623 1177.

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