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Brandster Services
Units 4-7, 15-17
Lee Holm Road
St Marys,  NSW 2760

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Treatment Facilities

Brandster Services owns and operates a fully NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensed and approved liquid waste treatment facility in St Marys, NSW. The facility houses two treatment plants, one for septic and sullage/greywater, and the other for contaminated wastewater (J100, J120 and N140 classification waste).

We not only service our own collection and transport business, but we are also the trusted facility of choice for the majority of our fellow industry operators in Sydney.

We receive and treat:

  • Septic Waste
  • Sullage Waste (Grey or Black Water)
  • Sewage Waste
  • Ground Waters
  • J120 Waste – Oil Contaminated Waters, Boat/Ship Bilge Waters, Separator Pits, Car/Truck Wash Bay Waste, Storm Water Pits, etc.

Brandster Services is committed to remaining at the forefront of liquid waste treatment technology. We treat wastewater to a standard suitable for recycled use, e.g. agricultural and industrial use.

We work diligently with the EPA to ensure our treatment plants are fully compliant.

Brandster Services also adheres to the strictest operating safety standards to ensure the health and safety of our people, visitors to our premises and the local community.


Units 4-7,

15-17 Lee Holm Road St Marys NSW 2760

Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 6am-5pm
Saturday: 7am-Midday
Facility may be accessed outside of normal operating hours upon request.

Oily Water Treatment and Disposal Facility
EPA  Depot Licence Number: 5973
EPA Transporter Licence Number: 6414

Septic and Sullage Treatment and Disposal Facility
EPA Depot Licence Number: 5973
EPA Transporter Licence Number: 6414

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